USB4 Gen3x2 40Gbps 240W 48V 5A Cable

Short Description:

High-speed Transfer: Up to 40Gbps data transfer speed transfers 5GB file in a second.

Charge Quickly with up to 240W Output: Charge anything from phones to laptops with up to 240W(48V/5A) power delivery charging.

8K High Resolution: Supports Single 8K crystal-clear UHD display and dual 4K display, providing high-resolution videos and the best visual experience of ultra high definition.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with devices with Thunderbolt 4/ 3 / USB-C port Displays, and Backward compatible with Thunderbolt 4/3 / 2, and other USB C Type devices.

OEM And ODM Are Welcomed: If you can not find the right cable you need,just feel free to contact us for custom cables. We are factory with 20 years experience, and will help to make your ideal cables

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Our cable could use for charging the device, sync data from 2 different devices, connect video signal from output devices to the input devices, and connect the device for transfer data purposes.


Gold plating terminal has higher conductivity and better quality than the regular terminal. We could use many different kinds of metal to plating terminal according to customer request.


Type C, as a newly released terminal, not only has more pin then old version micro, mini, type A, and type B terminal but also has a new feature that could plugin without considering the front or back. Type C terminal has the same design on both sides, so it has more lifetime compare with old version one because it will not hurt by unproperly plugin. Also, it could save time for the user to check the front or back side before plugin.

Product Specification


We have PVC, TPE, Nylon, Fishnet, and Metal Spring for our cable jacket. Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and plastic molding for the shell. Furthermore, we could satisfy any other request about material from you. For the shells, we have three materials to make our shells. One is an aluminum alloy, one is zinc alloy, and another one is plastic molding. If you have any other requests about the shell, we will develop new material to satisfy your needs.


USB4 cable could pass high 100watt electricity with 40Gb/s data transfer speed. we have many long-term cooperation suppliers that we can help us choose different chips according to their needs.

Video signal: 

We could transfer up to 7680×4320 resolution 8k 60hz video signal through our cable.


Our company supports OEM/ODM service, and we support all RGB colors for cable shell or jacket.


Fully customizable length for your request.

1 TPE USB4 Cable Trustway001 (2)

USB generation: 

Most of our cable is using USB agreement, we support USB 2.0 with 480 Mb/s data transfer speed, USB 3.0 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.1 gen 1 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.1 gen2 with 10 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.2 gen1 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.2 gen 2 with 10 Gb/s transfer speed,USB4 gen2*2 20Gb/s, USB4 gen 3*2 40Gb/s, Backward compatible.

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Welding technology is one of our significant advantages. We could use tinplate on welding to make sure the connector and wire are welding properly. Could afford at least 10 thousand times mating cycles. Also, make sure there do not have any short between each wire. We can use different version's tinplate according to the different design.

Fast charge: 

Nowadays, fast charge technology became more and more common on everyone's device. Richupon's data cable support QC, PD, PE, SCP, VOOC, and Super VOOC. Our high-quality cable has a large core wire diameter; it allows cable through up to 240W, max 48V 5A; 100W, max 20V, 5A electricity.


We have a very high standard to select our tooling supplier. We will make sure our products not only have a high production efficiency but also satisfy our customer's tolerance

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1 TPE USB4 Cable Trustway001 (7)
1 TPE USB4 Cable Trustway001 (3)

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