USB 3.0 5Gbps Type C to Type C PVC Cable

Short Description:

【TPE material, Classic designed】 Richupon USB C to USB C cables are made of TPE, this is environmental protection materials, with classic soft design.

【Up to 60W(20V/3A) charging speed】This USB C cable provide up to 60W high-speed charging for all of your USB-C devices when paired with a USB-C charger.

【Up to 5Gbps data transmission speed】This cable support data transfer between USB C devices up to 5Gpbs(USB 3.0)

【Universal Compatibility】Compatible with all USB-C devices including phones, tablets, laptops, USB C cameras, hard-disk.

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Our cable could use to get power; send data or signal from different devices.


Our connectors are supplied from high-quality suppliers. They have a number of years' experience in connector manufacturing. We could fully custom connectors that satisfy customers' needs.


USB standard is the most popular standard to transfer data and power in the world. Type C as a new generation connector, it has many new features. It has more pin than the previous generation's connector. It not only allowed cable through more electricity but also allowed pass video signal as DisplayPort standard.

Product Specification


We have PVC, TPE, Nylon, Fishnet, and Metal Spring for our cable jacket. Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and plastic molding for the shell. Furthermore, we could satisfy any other request about material from you. For the shells, we have three materials to make our shells. One is an aluminum alloy, one is zinc alloy, and another one is plastic molding. If you have any other requests about the shell, we will develop new material to satisfy your needs.

USB generation: 

Most of our cable is using USB agreement, we support USB 2.0 with 480 Mb/s data transfer speed, USB 3.0 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.1 gen 1 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.1 gen2 with 10 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.2 gen1 with 5 Gb/s transfer speed, USB 3.2 gen 2 with 10 Gb/s transfer speed. Backward compatible.

USB C to C 3.0 PVC  TPE Cable (4)
USB C to C 3.0 PVC  TPE Cable (6)


Welding is an important skill for the cable manufacturing company. We have experienced engineering to hold the pre-work training for every welding labors. We will make sure our product has a premium quality that could satisfy all of our customers' requests.

Fast charge: 

We have long term cooperation with chip suppliers. Our top engineer will develop the cable that satisfies different fast charge agreement. Make sure our customers could get the most advanced cable with the newest fast charge agreement.

USB C to C 3.0 PVC  TPE Cable (3)


We have a professional engineering team to ensure our product has high accuracy by choosing better mold, training labor, and develop the technology. We will satisfy our customers' requests about the specification.


For the color, we support customized color design on cable jacket, and logo on the shell.


We can make different length cables that satisfy our customers' different needs.

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