USB 2.0 480Mbps 20V 3A 60W Type C to Type C PVC Cable

Short Description:

Connect USB Type-C enabled devices with standard USB Type-C 2.0 enabled devices and accessories

Ideal for charging and powering USB Type-C enabled devices, as well as syncing data, photos and music

Reversible design makes it be easily inserted into any Type-C enabled device

Type-C port is half the width and one-third the height of a standard USB-A connector

Up to 480 Mbps data transfer speed; power output up to 5V, 3 Amp

OEM And ODM Are Welcomed: If you can not find the right cable you need,just feel free to contact us for custom cables. We are factory with 20 years experience, and will help to make your ideal cables

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Our cable could use for charging the device, sync data from 2 different devices, connect video signal from output devices to the input devices, and connect the device for transfer data purposes.


People are using USB cable every single day, so a durable lifetime is customers' first requirement. Our connector used on our data cable is purchase from a famous supplier in China. They have many years' experience in connector production. We could choose different quality connectors for customers according to their requirements.


Type C, as a newly released terminal, not only has more pin then old version micro, mini, type A, and type B terminal but also has a new feature that could plugin without considering the front or back. Type C terminal has the same design on both sides, so it has more lifetime compare with old version one because it will not hurt by unproperly plugin. Also, it could save time for the user to check the front or back side before plugin.

Product Specification


We have PVC, TPE, Nylon, Fishnet, and Metal Spring for our cable jacket. Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and plastic molding for the shell. Furthermore, we could satisfy any other request about material from you. For the shells, we have three materials to make our shells. One is an aluminum alloy, one is zinc alloy, and another one is plastic molding. If you have any other requests about the shell, we will develop new material to satisfy your needs.

USB generation: 

Different USB generation has different standard requirement for cable manufacturer. For the USB 2.0, cable must be pass through 480 Mb/s data, and 5 Gb/s for USB 3.0, 3.1 gen 1, 3.2 gen 1, and 10 Gb/s for USB 3.1 gen2, USB 3.2 gen2. Backwards compatible.

USB C TO USB C 2.0 60W (2)
USB C TO USB C 2.0 60W (3)


Welding is an important skill for the cable manufacturing company. We have experienced engineering to hold the pre-work training for every welding labors. We will make sure our product has a premium quality that could satisfy all of our customers' requests.

Fast charge: 

Nowadays, the performance of the phone has more and more powerful. People are chasing the larger capacity of the battery. But even the battery has more capacity than before. The phone always dies quickly. Scientist finds a way to solve this problem—fast charge face to the world. Our cable supports the majority of fast charge agreement and has high-quality wire to support pass high voltage electricity up to 100W, 20V, 5A.

USB C TO USB C 2.0 60W (6)
USB C TO USB C 2.0 60W (5)


We have a very high standard to select our tooling supplier. We will make sure our products not only have a high production efficiency but also satisfy our customer's tolerance.


For the color, we support customized color design on cable jacket, and logo on the shell.


We can make different length cables that satisfy our customers' different needs.

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