With 5Gbps Speed USB A to C Sync Cable in China Mobile Hall

The cellphone we are using now is changing generation very fast almost one or two years to buy a new one.  So do I.  So does the USB A to C 3.0 sync and charging cable.

Last week I went to China Mobile Hall in Shenzhen to buy a new Huawei Mate mobile.  The cellphone is very nice and the service there also good.  But when the stuff want to help me with my former cellphone data  to transfered to my new cellphone there comes a big time almost more than one hour wait.  I checked with them why this happen.  They are using USB A to C 2.0 version sync and cable whose speed is only 30 M to transmit the big data!Then I asked them to use the USB A to C 3.0 sync and charging cable to do it. It is very fast.  Some 15 seconds finished! They asked me why do you know it? Richupon is manufacturing the USB A to C cable for many years. We checked the speed every time.

Post time: Jun-23-2021