8K TV with HDMI 2.1 8K 60HZ Cable is Amazing

Peter Zhang,35 years old,married in 2013 wants to buy a new TV to celebrate his 8 years wedding celebration. He checked in the market but there are many kinds of TV with different clearance rate connected by HDMI cable. He feel little confused with how to choose TV.

Peter knows Richupon is manufacturing HDMI cables for many years with high quality and providing to big Amazing customer such as Rampow.  He asked me to provide his some suggestions.

So there comes Samsung 8K 70 inches TV costed his 20K RMB. He is satisfied with the TV very much but little complaints with the HDMI 2.1 8K 60HZ Cable of its outlook.  He asked me to help him  with HDMI cable.  Richupon HDMI cable,2 meters long,2.1version,8K @ 60HZ,coated with Nylon outside cable,shelled with aluminum case both sides matched with the TV very much and satisfied with Peter good.  Peter and his family have a nice 8 years wedding ceremony!

Post time: Jun-23-2021