Full Functional 100W 20V 5A 8K 60Hz 20Gbps USB C Cable

Short Description:

40Gbps Transfer Speed: Full-functional USB C cable with E-mark chip could support data transfer up to 40Gbps.40Gbps data transfer cable supports 14 hours of HD video or 25,000 photos transferring within one minute, making file transfer easy and fast.

8K Display & Dual 4K: Richupon USB C to USB C cables supports 8K@60Hz / 30Hz on a single screen and 4K@60Hz on two screens at the same time

Full Charge in Minutes: This USB C cable with 100W (20V/5A) supports PD3.0 /QC3.0 power delivery, support up to 100W charging.

Wide Compatibility: Our USB C to USB C cable is backward compatible with USB 2.0 / 3.0, 3.1 Gen 1, and 3.1 Gen 2 and more.

High Quality & Guarantee: Manufactured with premium materials to ensure 100% reliability and complete satisfaction.

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With the development of technology, USB became more and more famous on almost every daily device. Our USB cable could allow people to use to charging those devices or sync data between 2 devices. Furthermore, some of the cables are allowed to transfer the video signal through our cable.


Our connectors are supplied from high-quality suppliers. They have a number of years' experience in connector manufacturing. We could fully custom connectors that satisfy customers' needs.


USB standard is the most popular standard to transfer data and power in the world. Type C as a new generation connector, it has many new features. It has more pin than the previous generation's connector. It not only allowed cable through more electricity but also allowed pass video signal as DisplayPort standard.

Product Specification


We have PVC, TPE, Nylon, Fishnet, and Metal Spring for our cable jacket. Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and plastic molding for the shell. Furthermore, we could satisfy any other request about material from you. For the shells, we have three materials to make our shells. One is an aluminum alloy, one is zinc alloy, and another one is plastic molding. If you have any other requests about the shell, we will develop new material to satisfy your needs.


Full featured type-c cable could pass high watt electricity with 10Gb/s data transfer speed needs an e-mark chip, we have many long-term cooperation suppliers that we can help us choose different chips according to their needs.

Video signal: 

With the development of technology, 4K TV and monitor became common in the family. Our cable could pass up to 4096*2160 resolution 60hz video signal on our full featured type c cable.

USB generation: 

Our cable have different bandwidth, include 480Mb/s, 5Gb/s and 10Gb/s,20Gb/s,40GB/s. We could help our customers to design and produce different bandwidth cables according to the order. Backward compatible.

Full-functional USB C to USB C Cable Trustway 005 (6)


Welding is an important skill for the cable manufacturing company. We have experienced engineering to hold the pre-work training for every welding labors. We will make sure our product has a premium quality that could satisfy all of our customers' requests.

Full-functional USB C to USB C Cable Trustway 005 (2)

Fast charge: 

Nowadays, fast charge technology became more and more common on everyone's device. Richupon's data cable support QC, PD, PE, SCP, VOOC, and Super VOOC. Our high-quality cable has a large core wire diameter; it allows cable through up to 240W, max 48V 5A; 100W, max 20V, 5A electricity.


We have a professional engineering team to ensure our product has high accuracy by choosing better mold, training labor, and develop the technology. We will satisfy our customers' requests about the specification.


Our company supports OEM/ODM service, and we support all RGB colors for cable shell or jacket.


Fully customizable length for your request.

About Us


We have a professional research and development team to support our customer's OEM and ODM requests. For OEM service, we could print your logo at our existing products. Also, we could use your design or help you design the package. For the ODM service, our professional engineer could develop a new product to satisfy your request.

Quality check:

We have a group of quality check team to ensure we do not support any fail product to our customer. Our production line has at least 4 check process before the final check. First is the continuity test after the tin process. The second is after molding. The third is after setting the shell. And final check before delivery.

Reliability test: 

Our quality check group is also responsible for make sure our product will pass the reliability test. Our basic reliability test is 10000 times mating cycles test, 10KG plug force test, Swing test, and Salt Spray Test. Our reliability test standard could adjust according to the customer request. Also, we can add more test if the customer needs.


Our suppliers are famous in the world. We could ask our supplier to support the cable that satisfies the UL standard. By the way, if our customer does not want to spend that much cost on brand premium, we could find some substitutes in China. They could offer the same model, the same quality, at a much lower price, and they are also famous companies in China.


Our cables back with worry-free 24 months warranty and friendly customer service. If you have any concern, please don’t hesitate to email us

Payment period:

Once you place the order, we will charge up to 50% deposit in advance. Once we ready for delivery, we need to receive the balance.

Why choose us: 

Richupon has more than 20 years of experience in cable manufacturing. Our primary goal is to support high-quality products to our customers. We only cooperate with high request customers. Most of our customers are not satisfied with their previous supplier's quality. After they see our quality, they will have long term cooperation with us.

Service Hour: 

Our phone number is 24 hours available for call in. Prompt email and message usually reply within 10 hours.

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Full-functional USB C to USB C Cable Trustway 005 (8)
Full-functional USB C to USB C Cable Trustway 005 (4)

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